5 Tips for Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Any good business person in this modern age of digital news, media, and social interactions, understands that without a solid internet presence, your company is doomed. Most people don’t search through their local yellow pages for business listings anymore. When was the last time you even saw a physical phonebook? There are many ways to insure a strong online presence. One important phrase you need to remember is: Search Engine Optimization, or the acronym SEO. Search Engine Optimization is “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.” Or, “how to get as many visitors as you can by making sure that your site appears high in the search return rankings.” Here a few quick tips to get you started on increasing your site’s traffic.

  1. Monitor Your Standing

To make an improvement you need to first understand exactly where you are. Give yourself an evaluation. Look at where your page ranks with helpful tools such as Alexa. Or even just go Google your site to see where it shows up on returns. These page monitoring tools, like Alexa, can also tell you where your visitors are coming from and what search terms they used to arrive at your site. This can tell you: of course, how many people are coming to your site, how they got there, how you can better tailor your page to suit the most common search phrases, and ultimately how to help increase your traffic.

  1. Create a Sitemap

A sitemap gives major search engines, such as Google and Bing, an overview of your site. It allows these engines to quickly understand your site and place it into a proper ranking on a results page. The more detailed and precise your map, the more quickly the search engine can find your page, and the quicker people will be able to find your site.

  1. Create Content

Active pages get much better returns than hibernating pages. If a search engine sees that your site has new, frequent updates as well as a lot of content, it will kick your site up higher on the results list. And if you have more content, there is more for visitors to do on your site. Make sure you are creating quality content though, not just quantity. If you create high quality content, not only will people hang out on your site more, but they are then more likely to share it with their friends, driving traffic to your site.

  1. Social Media

In today’s blazing fast information age, Social Media reigns supreme. Chances are you have likely seen breaking news stories on your social networking sites long before you saw them on an actual news site or broadcast. To boost your web presence, make certain you have a solid social media presence. Especially if you are a smaller company, social media will definitely help to boost traffic to your site. More than 1 billion people use Facebook daily. With 1.39 billion active users, Facebook now has a larger population than China, the most populous country on earth.

  1. Link Your Site to Others

Work on developing your relationship with other sites. Ask others to feature your site and in turn, you will feature them on your site. This will help boost traffic to everyone.

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