The Trick To Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising is increasing over the years. As more consumers spend via their cellular device companies need to create more mobile friendly ads.

Here’s a list of ads that work great on mobile.

1. Maps

What is interesting about mobility isn’t that we’re moving, but that we’re making decisions about what to buy, where to go, how to get there and a myriad of other things. No other medium is so often used at a time when we make selections.

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Email Subject Line Styles to Increase Your Open Rates

We get a TON of emails every day, and a lot of them are never opened. People are inundated with boatloads of information – more than ever before in history! But we don’t have more time to soak it all in. The chances of your email being ignored are pretty high – unless of course, you have a rockin’ sockin’ subject line.

1.  Simple, No Nonsense Email Subject Lines

There’s a lot to be said for minimalism – users need you to be clear and concise in your subject lines, as time is always an asset.

2. Funny Email Subject Lines

A humorous subject line can really stick out among the dry, dull emails surrounding it. Humor it a touchy thing though – it thrives on exclusivity, which isn’t always great if you’re trying to appeal to the masses. However, if you know your audience well and your emails are targeted, a well placed joke can get your email opened and can earn major reputation points with folks on your wavelength.

3. Controversial/Shocking Email Subject Lines

Controversy (sometimes) sells, and it most certainly grabs attention. Using shock, controversy, or insult in your subject lines requires you to tread really carefully. You may get opens, but at the cost of customers. This strategy requires you to be confident in your understanding of your audience’s tastes and perceptions. It’s a bit of a gamble, but the pay-off can be pretty great – would you simply gloss over the subject lines below? Not likely.

4. Single-Word Subject Lines

One effective email subject line strategy involves going ultra-minimalist with one-word subject lines. Let’s take a peek at the promotions tab of my Gmail. The promotion tab is scheduled for a major makeover – Google is starting to display promotional emails in a image-oriented design inspired by Pinterest. If this new setup sticks, pictures will usurp subject lines as the pivotal email element.

5 Tips For Networking

Networking is not always done in a business setting. Actually, most of the time people network when they are off work.

Here’s 5 tips for  successful business networking

Visit as many groups as possible that spark your interest. Notice the tone and attitude of the group. Do the people sound supportive of one another? Does the leadership appear competent? Many groups will allow you to visit two times before joining.

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4 Key Strategies to Keep Your Top Employess

If you are a business owner you know how important it is to keep your top employees. Sometimes you might not know what your employees need to stay loyal to your company. Retention of key employees is critical for company culture and long-term success.

But with the economy on the mend, private sector quits are in the rise. People are growing more confident in the job market as more opportunities open up. And companies, in turn, are prioritizing retaining their top talent and looking for effective ways to keep their best employees happy.

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Need leads? Here are 5 easy ways to obtain leads.

In order to combat the ever increasing competition for attention online you will need to get more leads and follow up with more people.

Getting more leads consists of two main components:

  1. Get pleny of traffic to your lead capture form
  2. Get as many people who see your sign up form to take action and sign up

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5 Tips for Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Any good business person in this modern age of digital news, media, and social interactions, understands that without a solid internet presence, your company is doomed. Most people don’t search through their local yellow pages for business listings anymore. When was the last time you even saw a physical phonebook? There are many ways to insure a strong online presence. One important phrase you need to remember is: Search Engine Optimization, or the acronym SEO. Search Engine Optimization is “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.” Or, “how to get as many visitors as you can by making sure that your site appears high in the search return rankings.” Here a few quick tips to get you started on increasing your site’s traffic. Read more

Color Me Impressed: Colors in Social Media

When it comes to marketing and advertising, there is always more to a successful ad campaign than meets the eye. Whether it’s hidden symbolism in logos (ever wonder why Amazon has an arrow pointing from the A to the Z?) or a dynamic use of color, the best marketing involves a dash of psychology along with all of the other elements that go into a major campaign. Today, however, we’ll be discussing how to use color to help your social media advertising really pop.


Visual Elements are King

The goal with social media is to connect with your consumers as well as create brand awareness by starting a conversation about your business. The most successful ad campaigns have gone viral and transcended traditional marketing to become something more. To help you achieve this effect, you will need to use visual aids. This is where color can really shine.

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Google AdWords: A How ­To for Beginners

AdWords is a wonderful marketing and advertising resource that helps you to get your business found in the top results on Google, and you only pay for the service if a potential customer clicks on your ad. Here’s a brief guide to setting up and using Google’s AdWords Service.

1. Create an Adwords Login and Account

To start, you need to setup your AdWords account by providing a valid email address and a password. Click “Start now” to punch in your information and open an account. I highly recommend setting up a Google account if you haven’t got one already and using the e­mail from that account. This will let you sign in to your account and check out how your ads are performing.


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