This year, online statistics portal Statista reported that 78 percent of U.S. Americans had an active social account. With this many people engaged in social media, it is crucial that you are using this popular medium to generate your leads. If your company is new to social media or you are just looking for a few pointers, heed these tips and watch your leads increase.


Get leads through Facebook

There are numerous methods that you can use to get leads through Facebook. First, get new potential customers to “like” your page by providing engaging content that they can use. After they are hooked, reel them in.

Contests, ads, and events are great ways for prospective leads to engage in your content on a deeper level.


You can also get leads here by starting a conversation. Start by hosting a Facebook chat. Create a conversation topic, then let the other members of the chat ask questions regarding said subject. Whenever a question is asked that can be answered through an article, video or other resource on your website, give the group a link to that resource. Leading them to your site may create some additional leads.


Properly engage your audience

One of the best ways to generate leads is to engage your audience as often as possible. Engaging through positive messages is key, and these new leads can quickly turn into long-term relationships. As they say, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


After you begin successfully getting leads, it can be easy to sit back and sit on autopilot while assuming that leads will just keep coming in, but try to avoid this behavior. To retain a consistent flow of leads, you need to be always engaging your audience through all channels of your social media arsenal.


Also check groups and communities related to yours to reel in leads that may be interested in your business as well.


Advertise, advertise, advertise

While you are engaging with your audience and creating attractive posts and tweets, remember that you always have opportunities to advertise. The Promoted Posts feature on Facebook, Ad Set program on Instagram, and Google AdWords Account for YouTube are great advertising programs to start with.


If you need more assistance, garner the assistance of an advertising service.


It is always a good idea to rotate your ads on a regular basis. Users tire of seeing the same ads over and over, and if they did not click on an advertisement the first time, odds are they won’t click on it the second time either.


By switching up your ads, you give potential leads something new to investigate, and they may play right into your hands by clicking for more.


With social media being such a prevalent force in the world, it is imperative that your business is using these websites to your advantage. If you use the tactics at your disposal, there is no limit to the amount of potential leads that you can reach. Search the web or try our company resources to learn more.



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