The Trick To Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising is increasing over the years. As more consumers spend via their cellular device companies need to create more mobile friendly ads.

Here’s a list of ads that work great on mobile.

1. Maps

What is interesting about mobility isn’t that we’re moving, but that we’re making decisions about what to buy, where to go, how to get there and a myriad of other things. No other medium is so often used at a time when we make selections.

While decision making on a desktop often rests on a search bar, search on mobile frequently happens in maps. Incredible opportunities arise for companies that see maps as a vital new area to explore for advertising. Google, for instance, could offer sponsored places, sponsored routes and sponsored bookmarks.

2. Smart software

We consider ads to be set images, but they need not be. If we consider an ad to be a series of instructions that pulls you through content in real time, ads can be formed by API (application programming interface) instructions that serve personal, context-specific, real-time ads for that moment. Trains running late—why not try an Uber? Night before Mother’s Day—buy this from Sears. We need to think of ads as constructions of data, not “ad copy.”

3. Frictionless, buyable content

Our phones know everything about who we are (including our payment details), and they securely lock this information behind a fingerprint. How long is it before we see ads for items we can buy directly with a fingerprint? We need to remove the friction, or obstacles, from making a purchase and even visiting another website.

4. New interactions

Our phones allow images to move based on accelerometers; they offer ads that can use microphones or light sensors. So can’t we make units that appear in 3D, or that offer better ways to interact with content than a click?

5. Instant messaging

IM is the default method of communication for a generation, yet its ignored by many companies. Why not employ this technology more fully, allowing businesses to speak to consumers, answer questions, process purchases and give delivery updates. This is the peer-to-peer communication that serves everyone’s interests.

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